A pressed, pinstriped suit. Shiny, sterling silver cufflinks. A fresh shave, politely combed hair, and the lingering smell of Old Spice. A Big Twelve alumnus, knowledge of the industry is not lacking , and past experience lends to exceptional feedback and references.

A loosely tucked in and wrinkled shirt, with a bit of breakfast saved on the collar. Unkempt hair, a five o'clock shadow, and the unpleasant aroma of a shower postponed. Gaps in vocation lead to natural assumptions and pressing questions.

Of the two, who would you be more likely to hire? Who would you trust has a valuable understanding of the industry?

The answer is obvious. If these were the only two options you had for hiring someone, and you did nothing but read their resumes, the first would be anyone's choice. Think this has little to do with website content?

You'd be surprised.

In today's technology driven world, your website is your business' first impression. Potential consumers and clients come to your site looking to hire someone. They will either find the successful, freshly pressed college graduate, or the foul smelling individual who disregards the value of reliability (or even something in between).

Moving away from this metaphor and simply put, what is on your website will either interest consumers and lead to a transaction, or send them looking to others for their needs. Ink'd aims to establish business relationships for your company through the website content we provide.

While there are several elements, likened to the fresh pressed business suit, to making a website appealing (including the layout, usability, graphics and imaging), what you have to say on your website is what takes a killer layout to the next level. It's essentially your resume, from objective to education, from experience to references.

You may have an amazing logo for your business, but if you're not providing consumers with the information they need to make an educated decision about initiating a business relationship, then your brand is flat. You might as well have forgone the shower and the shave.

The elements of website content Ink'd provides include:

  • Home Page – Your home page is usually the first thing consumers see, and will determine if they dig deeper into what your company is all about. Not only should your home page look good, but what it says has to provide a hook that leaves them begging for more.
  • About Page – This is where your business values and integrity can really shine. It's where you tell others of your passion for what you do, why you continue to do it, how you've been successful, and your plans for the future. It has to be engaging and informative all at the same time.
  • Product Pages – Whether you provide products or services to consumers, they need to know what you have to offer. Services require a write up of what they include (much like the page you're reading now), and products may each need individual descriptions. Ink'd can write these pages up with a strong call to action to engage the sale.
  • Contact Page – While this may seem like a page you can do all your own, there may be circumstances in which you need the page to entice more action from site visitors, or a questionnaire form put together (again, much like the Ink'd contact page).
  • Everything Else – Other pages you may need for your site include personal profiles for executives and board members, blog entries, Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policies, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and more.

Ink'd will take the visual presentation of your website beyond standard expectations, providing text that persuades initiation of the sale. Without it, your website may fall short. Contact Ink'd to get business rolling through a top-notch first impression.

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