Imagine, if you will, a laboratory. In that lab, full of shiny equipment and strange chemicals, stands a scientist with Einstein-esque hair. He stands over his beakers – measuring, mixing, heating – creating. One wrong chemical, too much heat, or a missing ingredient and the experiment blows up, sending goo in every direction. But it's all worth it when he gets the formula just right...

...and changes everything.

For decades, sales copy used the same dependable formula. Do you remember the days of glossy print ads and brochures? The rich colors, thick paper, and elegant images just begging the viewer to get up, right then, and buy something? How about the formalized sales letter, mailed via snail mail, arriving in the mailbox crisp and bright, with words so persuasive and logical there was no other option but to make that purchase?

While the traditional sales ad and letter may be a bit passe, now the Internet provides an even better medium for direct marketing. But how do you present your products and services in the best possible way online? What formula do you use?

The answer is simple: professionally written sales copy from a content marketing service.

The Internet often overwhelms users with information, making it difficult for anyone to navigate their way through the myriad of websites offering the products or services they need. Outstanding sales copy takes the hit-or-miss risk factor out of the equation -- they'll know yours is the company to choose. The formula is always the same:

  • Attention -- Powerful headlines immediately grab the attention of the reader.
  • Interest -- Through tone, voice, or style, the sales copy creates intrigue and appeal.
  • Detail -- Clear and concise details about the product or service are included.
  • Call to Action -- Often found at the end, the CTA (Call to Action) directs the reader to the next step.

While the result changed with the evolution of technology, the formula for creating action from the consumer has always been the same. It is what you do with that formula that makes a difference – a pinch more of something here, a dab of something there – that tweaks the outcome just enough to lead to the sales results you desire.

At Ink'd we recognize that boring sales copy, which fails to result in interest, is like chemistry class gone wrong. Cutting edge excitement is the twist in our concoction that means the difference between making a volcano with Junior in the garage and winning the Nobel prize.

Whether you are looking for a simple email blitz or a full-on sales campaign, Ink'd is your content marketing partner.

  • Email Campaigns - As an effective way to reach a large group of consumers, we can help you write an email campaign that draws on the rich history of the traditional sales letter and blends it seamlessly with today's technology.
  • Sales Letter - Unlike the traditional direct mailing, today's sales letter can be on your website, sent via snail mail, or designed specifically for your social media campaign. From the soft sell to the the hard, fast ball, Ink'd can help you write a better pitch.
  • Press Releases - Imperative for any change in your business, from a new product to an exciting offer, Ink'd has mastered this lost art. We will work with you to develop an exciting release that increases your visibility. We will even assist with distribution for an additional charge.
  • Product Descriptions - eCommerce descriptions often form the backbone of a website. Properly written, they can easily convert potential customers. Ink'd is equipped to handle mass product descriptions, adding interest and depth.

Ready to upgrade your sales formula? The writers at Ink'd have it down to a science. We will add that little something extra you need to make the leap from viewers to conversions. Contact us to see how we can help.

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