When you think of an expert in technology, who first crosses your mind? Bill Gates? Steve Jobs?

What about an expert in science? Do you think of Albert Einstein or Edwin Hubble?

Do Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck and Emily Dickinson pop into your head when you think of brilliant literary legends?

Imagine if someone thought of your business when pondering an expert in your particular industry. While it means providing a quality product or service consistently over time, there are other elements that contribute to showing you as proficient in what you do.

In order to garner success with your business, consumers and clients must trust you. While that begins with the integrity by which you practice business, it also branches off into how well you practice business. Expert articles give you the opportunity to pin yourself as knowledgeable and proficient within your industry. When a potential customer reads a thorough, valid article related to the products/services you provide, an article that offers up useful information he can apply to his life, then he begins to develop trust in your business.

Generally, expert articles are used for print media or placed in an online library or depository of information. Unlike blog posts, which are typically short, to the point, and directed specifically at the reader, expert articles are thorough and entirely informational. In addition to garnering trust, their purpose is to steer readers who are researching a specific topic to your website for that information, thus bumping your page hit numbers and increasing search engine rankings. The expert articles we produce for your company are semi-formal in tone (to assist in deeming you an expert in your field), well-researched with provided sources, optimized for relevant keywords, and formatted for your preferred means of delivery to the reader.

Ink'd strives to use our own prowess in informational content to establish your business as an expert in your industry, garnering trust from current and potential clients, and aiding in your continued success. Contact Ink'd to commence your journey into the history books with value adding content marketing.

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